Who We Are

Ladies Prayer International is made up of women worldwide, who meet on the first Monday of each month to pray focused prayer for the children of the local church community.


Our Mission

We are committed to the spiritual preservation of this generation and beyond and the spiritual restoration of previous generations.


Our Need

Committed women who will join together on the first Monday of each month and pray focused prayer for their children and the children of the local church and community.


Three Priorities of Prayer...


 1. The salvation of our children (Isaiah 49:25; Psalm 144:12; Isaiah 43:5-6).


2. That they take ownership of the faith at an accountable age (I John 2:25-28; James 1:25).


3. That they enter into the ministry of the Lord's harvest (Matthew 9:38).


Formerly known as Daughters of Zion: 1999, World Network of Prayer Director, Thetus Tenney shared an interesting article with Gwyn Oakes about the Praying Mothers of Brazil. Sister Oakes had a burden for this type of ministry and Sister Tenny suggested it as adventure for the Ladies Division. The burden was shared with the National Ladies Committee. Ruth Harvey expressed a desire to work with the program and was chosen as director. From the many titles submitted Daughters of Zion was chosen. Debbie Akers later became the Coordinator and the editor of the Daughters of Zion monthly e-zine which is translated into other languages by missionaries and reaches around the world.


Illinois District Ladies Ministries is a division of the United Pentecostal Church International Ladies Ministries

Kathern Upchurch, President  -15496 N. Lakeview Drive -Effingham, IL 62401 - (217) 868-2365

Rhonda Burk, Secretary - 404 Spencer Street - Belthalto, IL 62010 - (618) 377-3853