Illinois Ladies Ministries is affiliated with the United Pentecost Church International Ladies Ministries. Illinois Ladies Ministries provides various programs to reach the needs of our families and communities.  We are excited this year to offer 2 - $1000 Scholarships!   Click here for the details!   If you have any questions please contact any of the following Ladies Ministries team members:



Section 1 ~ Della Gentry

Section 2 ~ Lisa Rice

Section 3 ~ Paula Chitwood

Section 4 ~ Denise Crossin

Section 5 ~ Teri Donaldson

Section 6 ~ Julia McGee

Section 7 ~ Trinda Crutchfield

Section 8 ~ Wanda Jett

Section 9 ~ Melody Albanito

Section 10 ~ Michelle Cox

Section 11 ~ Heather Maynard

Section 12 ~ Ginger Labat









A.B.L.E. Ministry is dedicated to assisting the Special Needs and Disabled populations within the church and the community. It begins with open hearts, open minds, and love by pastors, ministers, and congregations  Click here to read more information.


More to Life is a series of Bible Studies designed just for women. There is an entire web site devoted to the whole Bible study process including helps to get you started and keep you going. It also contains an on-line Bible study and includes feedback and testimonies from those who have enjoyed going through the process. Click here to visit the web site.



Ladies Prayer Int'l. is made up of women worldwide, who meet on the first Monday of each month to pray focused prayer for the children of the local church community.  We are committed to the spiritual preservation of this generation and beyond and the spiritual restoration of previous generations.  We need women who will join together on the first Monday of each month and pray focused prayer for their children and the children of the local church and community.



SISTERS, is an e-mail newsletter designed just for military wives and women enlisted in the military. Content will encourage you in life’s situations, help you renew or strengthen your commitment to God, and remind you that others are supporting you with their prayers. Sign up today—and tell a friend. Any lady connected with the military will want to receive this free and inspiring e-mail. For more information contact:



Helping today’s girl become tomorrow’s Christian woman: a balance of mental, physical, spiritual, and social graces.  A club-type program designed to help girls grow according to Luke 2:52, “and Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and man.” This passage shows that Jesus, as our example, was a perfectly balanced person.  Register on-line for FREE



Women of Worth is a program for the widows of United Pentecostal Church International ministers. Within our district we have 29 widows of our deceased ministers. We value our Women of Worth. We send cards of encouragement to these ladies. We challenge you to make a call or send a note to these valuable ladies.



Reflections is a magazine for Christian ladies written by Pentecostal ladies. It is published bi-monthly. The cost is only $12.00 per year. Click here to read various articles on-line.  Purchase a subscription on-line here.

Kathern Upchurch - President

15496 N. Lakeview Drive

Effingham, IL 62401

(217) 868-2365

Rhonda Burk - Secretary

404 Spencer Street

Bethalto, Illinois 62010

(618) 377-3853



Illinois District Ladies Ministries is a division of the United Pentecostal Church International Ladies Ministries

Kathern Upchurch, President  -15496 N. Lakeview Drive -Effingham, IL 62401 - (217) 868-2365

Rhonda Burk, Secretary - 404 Spencer Street - Belthalto, IL 62010 - (618) 377-3853